Friday, September 25, 2009

shiner and a busted shoulder

It's been almost two weeks since my mountain bike crash, and I'm doing better. I can now drive short distances, stay awake for a full day and I am off the painkillers.

I had just finished my triathlon season with a 2nd place AG finish and a 9th place AG finish at the Chicago Triathlon. I was very happy and riding high on these two personal bests. Then, I got on a mountain bike. My friends all made it look very easy...well its not. I crashed by making a dumb decision and now have a broken collarbone, some awesome bruises on my leg and hip and a shiner. I lost a bit of memory and still have no recollection of the crash, getting up and walking back to the parking lot.

So how does this relate to food? Since I can't work out like I was, I have to cut back on my calories. So far my weight hasn't gone up. I'm still holding 134 lbs. I'm really happy about that. When I train a lot and race a lot, and all of a sudden that is taken away from me, well it can get depressing. When I get depressed and bored, which I am, I eat. So I have been coming up with menus and dishes to keep me satisfied, full and keep my weight under control.

Since I am starting a personal chef business cooking for athletes and people who want to make healthy eating a priority in their lives, I am having fun being my own guinea pig. I have always experimented with food and cooking, but now I can see the direct results of diet and being sedentary and how to control your weight and be happy.

Now I just need to go get some clients and use myself as an example. The proverbial making lemonade out of lemons, no?

So would you hire a personal chef with a shiner and a busted shoulder?

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