Monday, January 25, 2010

Miso Soup or Japanese Hot Pot - Meatless Monday

This is so good. truly one of my favorite soups! There are so many things you can do with a simple base of Miso, water and scallions. I often order this in Japanese restaurants, its called a Hot Pot. A huge steaming pot of veggies and tasty broth (or meat or seafood). Go here for more ideas/photos:

Serves 2
8 cups water, divided 7/1
1 cup Red Miso Paste or White Miso Paste
1 cup Shitake Mushrooms
1 cup tofu, diced into small cubes
2 scallions, sliced
1/2 cup carrots, julienne
1 oz. Wakame dried seaweed or to taste
1 cup mung bean sprouts
1 cup lima beans
1 oz Soba Noodles or Udon Noodles, I dont care for Udon noodles, i think they look like worms.
large handful of baby spinach or bok choi

Heat 7 cups water in a soup pot. Take remaining 1 cup water and mix with Miso until smooth. This is to combine with the water easier.
Bring to a gentle simmer. Add mushrooms, veggies and soba noodles. Simmer for 20 minutes, add tofu and baby spinach.

Meatless Monday is about cutting out meat one day a week to improve personal health and the health of the planet.

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